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Cryo-REM Präparations-System, PP3010T


Das PP3010T ist ein Cryo-Präparations-System, dass mit den gängigsten REM, FE-REM und FIB/REM Modellen kombinierbar ist. Das moderne System ist für das schnelle Einfrieren, Prozessieren und den Transfer von Proben entwickelt worden. Die Cryo-Kammer des PP3010T ist turbo-gepumpt und beinhaltet Apparaturen zum Gefrierbrechen, Sublimieren und zur Probenbeschichtung.





The PP3010T is a highly automated, easy to use, column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system suitable for most makes and models of SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM. The PP3010T has all the facilities needed to rapidly freeze, process and transfer specimens. The cryo preparation chamber is turbomolecular pumped and includes tools for cold fracturing, controlled sublimation and specimen coating. The specimen can then be transferred onto a highly stable SEM cold stage for observation. Cold trapping in the cryo preparation chamber and SEM chamber ensures the whole process is frost free. Specimen process times are typically between 5 and 10 minutes.


Key Features

  • High resolution performance on SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM
  • Large 'recipe' driven touchscreen interface
  • Easy to use – extensive automation, on-screen help, videos, data logging and diagnostics
  • Automated start up, sublimation, and coating
  • Column-mounted preparation chamber – essential for frost-free transfer and ease of use
  • Cold stage temperature down to -190°C, plus comprehensive cold trapping (not possible with conduction cooling)
  • Turbo pumping system mounted off-column – less mass on the SEM
  • Unsurpassed specimen visibility - large front window, top viewing ports, multiple LED chamber lighting
  • Cameras in the preparation chamber and SEM – no binocular needed
  • Preparation chamber cooling – 24 hour hold time with a single fill of liquid nitrogen, allowing unattended overnight operation
  • Fully compatible with SEM beam deceleration/stage bias modes up to 5kV
  • Vacuum storage of the cryo transfer device; integrated valves enhances performance
  • Typical vacuum when cold: 10-6mbar or better – specimen transfer into the SEM always high vacuum to vacuum
  • Twin liquid nitrogen slushing and specimen handling system for pre-frozen specimens
  • Fracturing/specimen manipulation device
  • Prepdek™ workstation – self-contained work area, no extra bench space required
  • Specialized support backed up with a three-year warranty


Product Description:

The PP3010T is a great leap forward in cryo-SEM technology. It combines the highest quality results with unparalleled ease of use.

The PP3010T is a column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system suitable for use with SEM, FE-SEM and FIB-SEM instruments. Control is via a large and intuitive touchscreen mounted on the spacious Prepdek™ workstation, giving the operator instant access to, and control of, all the key operating parameters.

Visibility is a key feature throughout the whole system. CCD camera images from the preparation chamber and the SEM are displayed on the control screen – the image can be expanded to full screen when required. Five preparation chamber viewing windows give unsurpassed visibility of the specimen and chamber interior.


The PP3010T Cryo-SEM Preparation System consists of:

  • Column-mounted cryo-preparation chamber and turbo pumping
  • SEM cold stage and cold trap
  • PrepdekTM workstation with dual freezing and specimen manipulation facilities, automatic sputtering (Pt as standard) and sublimation
  • Touchscreen user interface mounted on PrepdekTM workstation
  • Transfer device
  • Specimen shuttles: 2x AL200077B, 1x 10246
  • Specimen stubs: E7449-5 and E7402 (Aluminium)
  • Microscope interfaces, start-up kit, mounting media and operation manual



The PP3010T requires one 90l/min rotary vacuum pump. We recommend the RV5 90l/min 115/230V 50/60Hz rotary vacuum pump with oil mist filter (ED91005).


Options and accessories:

  • Film thickness monitor (FTM)
  • Self-pressurizing LN2 dewar and regulator (for storage and venting)
  • Carbon fiber evaporation head
  • Wide range of specimen holders and specimen stubs
  • Micrometer controlled fracturing device with tool steel blade (can be fitted in addition)

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