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CoverWell™ Modular Hybridization System, Kammer, Tiefe 0,6mm


Silikondichtungen und Deckgläser können flexibel kombiniert werden um Kammern für besondere Anforderungen (zB. Hybridisierung oder Herstellung von dicken und frei schwimmenden Präparaten) herzustellen.
105,20 € 125,19 €



CoverWell™ Modular Hybridization System

An assortment of flexible, press-to-seal gasket and coverslip enclosures which can be quickly assembled and disassembled for the specialized challenges of hybridizing and imaging thick and free- floating specimens.

All steps - from permeabilizing to image analysis are made easy and trouble free with chambers you assembles from modular components.

For neural explants, plant or animal specimens of any texture and thickness.

Build up to three chambers on one microscope slide. Ideally suited for overnight hybridizations and agitated washing steps. The screen is made from polyester and is 1.6mm square.

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen
Dicke 0,6mm
Verpackungseinheit 25 Stück
Materialbezeichnung 0,6mm
Abmessung 25x22mm
Kammernhöhe 0,6mm
Kammerndurchmesser 13mm