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Halcyonics_i4 - aktive Schwingungsisolationsplattform

Die aktive Antivibrationsplattform kann einfach auf stabilen Tischen oder anderen Ablageflächen installiert werden. Die schlank designte, vollautomatisierte Plattform ist sofort und ohne Justage oder Feineinstellung einsatzbereit und minimiert Schwingungen von Frequenzen ab 1Hz.

Artikel für gruppiertes Produkt
Artikelname Menge
Halcyonics_i4 - aktives Schwingungsisolationssystem, Plattform, 400 x 500mm


Halcyonics_i4 - aktives Schwingungsisolationssystem, Plattform mit M6 Raster, 400 x 500mm


Halcyonics_i4 medium - aktives Schwingungsisolationssystem, Plattform, 600 x 600mm


Halcyonics_i4 medium - aktives Schwingungsisolationssystem, Plattform mit M6 Raster, 600 x 600mm


Halcyonics_i4 large - aktives Schwingungsisolationssystem, Plattform, 550 x 700m


Halcyonics_i4 large - aktives Schwingungsisolationssystem, Plattform mit M6 Raster, 550 x 700m




Key Features

  • Automatic load adjustment and transport lock
  • Multifunctional isolation system for a wide range of applications
  • Compact and portable
  • No natural low frequency resonance - excellent vibration isolation characteristics in low frequency range
  • Active isolation in six degrees of freedom
  • Excellent position stability - high inherent stiffness
  • No compressed air required - just power supply
  • Instantaneous generation of a counterforce to compensate vibrations — real active isolation



  i4 i4_medium i4_large
Dimensions 400 x 500x 90mm 600 x 600 x 90mm 550 x 700 x 92mm
Load capacity 0 - 120kg 0 - 105kg
40 - 150kg
0 - 105kg
40 - 150kg
Weight 20kg 37kg 40kg
Isolation technology Halcyonics control technology based on piezoelectric type acceleration pickup, fast signal processing and electro-dynamic force transducers.
Force directions Active compensation in all six degrees of freedom.
Isolation performance > 5Hz = 25dB (94.4%) > 10Hz = 40dB (99.0%)
Active bandwidth 0.6 – 200Hz* (passive isolation beyond 200Hz)
Settling time 300ms**
Response time 0.5ms***
Stroke of the actuator 1mm
Max. correction forces Vertical ± 8N Horizontal ± 4N
Max. compensation level 500µm/s at 6Hz and 60kg**
Repeatability of
load adjustment
Table top material Powder coated aluminum
Top plate surface flatness ± 0.10mm over complete surface
and operational
Electrical voltage: 100 – 240V / 47 – 63Hz
Power consumption: Typically 40 – 45W
Operating temperature: 15 – 40°C
Relative humidity: 0 – 60%
Operating altitude: < 2,500m
Electrical safety CE certified according to directive 2006/95/EC
EMC CE certified according to directive 2004/108/EC

* The low-pass characteristics of the spring-mass combination dominate the dynamic behavior of the isolation system above 200Hz. The part of the active isolation decreases with increasing frequency.

** The settling time and maximum compensation level depend on several conditions such as payload, frequency and load distribution. The mentioned settling time value is exemplary for a centric load of 80kg. The settling time defines the time until an incoming vibration is compensated.

*** The response time determines when the system starts to actively isolate an incoming vibration after detection by the sensors.


For detailed information see data sheet.

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