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microCal - 3D Kalibriersoftware


Die m2c Kalibriersoftware microCal wurde speziell für die 3D Kalibrierung mit m2c Kalibrierstrukturen entwickelt. Die Nutzung der markergestützten 3D Kalibriertechnologie ermöglicht eine höhere geometrische Messgenauigkeit basierend auf der automatischen Auswertung der Kalibriermessung. Aus der Nutzung ergeben sich folgende Vorteile:

  • One Step: Simultane Kalibrierung von Lage und Höhe in einem Schritt (Maßstäbe und Scherungen)
  • One Model: Berücksichtigung von Kopplungen zwischen vertikalen und lateralen Geräteachsen
  • One Click: Effiziente Durchführung der Kalibrierung mit hochgenauen Ergebnissen
  • One Reference: Die Software ist für verschiedene Messgeräte anwendbar
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m2c microCal allows an easy and automated calibration of your microscope. 3D measurement data of m2c calibration structures are automatically analysed and compared to the provided reference data. microCal calculates 6 linear calibration parameters: three scale factors for the co-ordinate axes, and three coupling factors for coupling between all co-ordinate axes (orthogonal deviation). In addition, it provides tools for 3D data manipulation, especially for 3D data correction based on the calibration results. m2c microCal includes the following features:

  • Automated calibration due to advanced image processing algorithms, including detection of sample orientation and sub-pixel co-ordinate measurement
  • Reliable processing of calibration parameters due to advanced statistical methods (including leastsquares methods and outlier detection)
  • Mathematical and graphical accuracy analysis
  • Results and settings are saved into a project file
  • Integrated export functions for PDF protocol files or for ASCII data (for further use)
  • Calibration parameters are saved for data correction of all further measurements performed by the customer’s microscope
  • Software installation includes 3D data manipulation and correction software microCorrect
  • Different SPM file formats and import filters for ASCII and image data files are included


Graphical analyses of calibration results: Scaled error
vectors of the marker coordinates show the accuracy
of the calibration. Redvector: Outlier detection.


microCal - Results window: Scale and shear are calculated in all three spatial axes. The overall error gives an overview of the achieved accuracy.

Results window: Scale and shear are calculated in all three spatial axes.
The overall error gives an overview of the achieved accuracy.

This software is compliant with VDI/VDE Guideline 2656 “Determination of geometrical quantities by using of Scanning Probe Microscopes – Calibration of measurement systems”.

System requirements: PC with MS Windows XP / Windows 7. This software makes intensive use of image processing algorithms. To avoid long processing times, we recommend using a Personal Computer with a powerful CPU.


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