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Objektträger, mattiertes Schriftfeld, 1,2mm dick, 25x75mm, 20x 144 Stück


Objektträger aus klarem Glas, vorgereinigt. Einzeln geprüft, staubfrei, trocken und sauber. Alle Objektträger sind eben, gleichmäßig und haltbar. 72 Stück pro Box, in Zellophan verpackt.
1.142,40 € 1.359,46 €



Microscope Glass Slides - Esco

Our microscope glass slides are manufactured by Esco - Erie Scientific Co, where reliability and quality are recognized to be the best.
Made from the highest quality glass sheets.
The dimensions of the slides have been standardized to millimeters according to the U.S. government Specifications.
They are packed with care to assure cleanliness.
The glass is fully annealed to minimize chipping.

Our microscope glass slides are precleaned and are made from clear-white glass. They are individually inspected and free from moisture, dirt, and film. All of our slides are flat, uniform and durable. They are packed 72 slides/box and cellophane wrapped.

Chemical Makeup         Green (%)    White (%)
Silicon Dioxide                   72.2              72.15
Sodium Oxide                    14.5              14.25
Calcium Oxide                     6.5                 6.25
Magnesium Oxide               4.4                   4.1
Aluminum Oxide                  1.5                 1.12
Potassium Oxide                 0.3                 1.15
Sulfur Trioxide                      0.3                   0.3
Iron Oxide                              0.1                   0.3
Titanium Oxide                   0.05                0.05

Physical PropertiesGlass Density: 2.4024g/cm3
Softening Point: 724ºC
Annealing Point: 545ºC
Strain Point: 511ºC
Dispersion Value (Nu Value): 64
Dimensional Variance: ±1.5000
Thermal Expansion: (0 -300ºC) 8.36x106/ ºC
Dielectric Constant: @20ºC (68ºF) (1MHz):ET =6.7
Young’s Modulus: E = 10,000,000 lbs/sq in.
Torsion Modulus: G = 4,000,000 lbs/sq in.
Poisson’s Ratio: µ = 0.2
Luminous Transmittance: @ 0.040: 91.8%

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen
Dicke 1,2mm
Schriftfeldfarbe matt
Verpackungseinheit 20x 144 Stück
ESCO – Erie Scientific Co.
Abmessung 25x75mm

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