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HybriWell™ Fluoreszenzkamme, 1 quadratische Kammer, 22x22mm, Tiefe 0,12mm


Diese Kammern sind speziell für Hybridisierungsassays entwickelt worden, bei denen DNA-Proben mit Cy5® oder Alexa Fluor 647® gelabelt wurden.
378,20 € 450,06 €



HybriWell Sealing Chambers System seals securely to a microscope slide surface in seconds – for most protein and nucleic acid assays


  • Enclose a single or multiple specimens in a small reagent volume.
  • Access ports in the chamber surface allow for the addition or removal of reactants.
  • Ports are easily sealed using Adhesive Seal Tabs (provided) to prevent reagent evaporation.
  • Sealed chambers are watertight and ideally suited for water-bath incubations.
  • RNase free, hydrophobic surfaces will not trap or bind probes.
  • Disposable chamber remove cleanly and easily even after heating.
  • Come with Non-Adhesive Peeling Tab.

HybriWell™ Fluorescent Friendly Chambers for Sensitive DNA Microarrays

These new microarray chambers are designed specially for compatibility with Cy5® or Alexa Fluor 647® direct labeled DNA probes for hybridization assays. These chambers as well as the original HybriWells may also be used with all other fluorochrome labeled probes.

Each package includes illustrated instructions for use, applicator and 200 adhesive port seals. (Additional seal tabs are sold separately at EMS # 70328-00).

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen
Kammerngröße 22x22mm
Kammernhöhe 0,12mm
Kammernvolumen 15-25µl
Abmessung 25,5x30,0mm
Verpackungseinheit 100 Stück