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ONCYTE® Objektträger, Typ AVID™, 1 NC-Feld (15x69mm)


Nitrozellulose beschichtete Objektträger für Protein-Mikroarrays, Zelllysat-Arrays und andere Anwendungen. Das ONCYTE® AVID™ Nitrozellulose beschichtete Substrat für alle Anwendungen, die höchste Bindungskapazität und Affinität von Proteinen erfordern.
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Nitrocellulose-coated (NC) slides for protein microarrays, cell lysate arrays, tissue printing and other applications

ONCYTE® is a three-dimensional microarray comprised of a combination of nitrocellulose polymer and proprietary chemistry that provides increased protein affinity and binding. It is also provides enhanced fluorescent chemiluminescent, radiographic, colormetric and visual signal compared to glass or other coated glass surfaces.

We provide nitrocellulose-coated products that includes anything from standards 25 mm x 75 mm glass microscope slides to SBS microtiter plate substrates in standard and custom formats.

Nitrocellulose film excels in various applications including:

  • Protein Microarrays
  • Immuno-arrays
  • Analyte Microarrays
  • Cell Lysate Arrays
  • Antibody Arrays
  • Tissue Printing

Our nitrocellulose film surfaces are manufactured and quality tested to the most exacting standards. To provide an optimal balance between binding capacity and fluorescence sensitivity, we offer two variants of nitrocellulose coatings.

The ONCYTE® AVID™ nitrocellulose-coated substrates are for applications that require the highest possible protein binding affinity and capacity. Therefore AVID™ slides are characterized by unparalleled protein binding capacity and affinity, making them ideal for colometric and infrared applications that require extremely high levels of binding.
The ONCYTE® NOVA™ nitrocellulose-coated substrates are recommended for applications that require the greatest fluorescent sensitivity but can accept reduced binding capacity. Therefore NOVA™ slides extremely low background fluorescence and an elegant, clean surface make them the most sensitive slides available for fluorescence – dependent arrays.

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen
Abmessung 25x75mm
Verpackungseinheit 20 Stück
Dicke 1mm