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Perfect Loop für ultra dünne Anschnitte

Für ultra dünne Anschnitte geeignet. Mit dem Perfect Loop können die Anschnitte einfach und ohne Falten auf ein Grid plaziert werden.
Artikel für gruppiertes Produkt
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Perfect Loop, Griff


108,60 € 129,23 €
Perfect Loop, Loop & Griff


119,00 € 141,61 €
Perfect Loop, Loop


89,00 € 105,91 €
Perfect Loop, Loop, 5 Stück


395,00 € 470,05 €



The Perfect Loop allows to pick up sections consistently without causing any damage to the sections. It is the only loop that is currently available where the outside diameter of the loop is the same as the grid and the inside diameter is slightly larger than the observation area of the electron microscope. The thickness is about 40µm. Due to the equal diameter of grid and loop they are attracted to one another and the water surface tension allow them to attach together. Even if the section touches the inside of the loop during blotting the touching area is minor and therefore, the section is not damaged. When the grid is removed from the loop the section remains in place. The area equals the observation field (about 2mm diameter) of the electron microscope; thus the sections can be fully observed.


How to use the Perfect Loop

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Weitere Informationen