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Press Release - Partnership with Meiwafosis

Science Services GmbH announces Partnership with Meiwafosis Co., Ltd. and launches the “Tennant20” Osmium-Coater in Europe
March 7th, 2023


Science Services GmbH is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Meiwafosis Co., Ltd., Japan to distribute its new Osmium PE-CVD coating system "Tennant20" in Germany, Austria and other European countries.

Since its establishment in 1968, Meiwafosis Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and distributing scientific, medical, optical, electronic equipment and analytical measuring instruments to a wide range of users in universities, testing sites, companies and research laboratories nationwide.

In 1997, Meiwafosis launched a multi-purpose coater equipped with sputter coating, plasma CVD, and hydrophilization processing functions, using an independently developed discharge electrode. After 20 years of continuous improvements, Meiwafosis developed the “Neoc” Series of Osmium-coaters which uses a special electrode to dramatically expand the negative glow phase region to deposit ultra-thin conductive coatings of pure Osmium on larger samples.

In 2021, “Neoc” was again re-designed to facilitate usage and improve safety while maintaining features and performance of its predecessors. The advanced Osmium coating system "Tennant 20" was created.

Until now, sputter coating is being used commonly for SEM sample preparation to coat non-conductive samples with a thin conductive layer. However, large grain sizes and directional deposition which is hard to overcome in sputter coating, still result in charging effects on specific samples with complex geometries. High-resolution imaging can visualize surface structures from sputter coating, whereby the native sample surface is hidden by the coating. The improved Osmium CVD-coating technique which coats the whole sample surface with an ultra-thin, conductive metallic Os-layer can overcome some of the physical problems.

Osmium coating can be applied not only to SEM observation but also to other e-beam analysis techniques, such as elemental analysis. Thereby more than 400 osmium coating systems have been sold in Japan and are being used by users in various fields.

In recognition of such achievements, Meiwafosis Co., Ltd. has decided to expand its sales channels in Europe and started a business partnership with Science Services GmbH. According to Science Service GmbH´s motto "Service drives all aspects of our business”, both partners aim to provide the best support possible for training and maintenance to maximize the performance of the “Tennant20”.

Meiwafosis Co., Ltd. Website (Press Release)


Contract signing Wednesday, November 25, 2022  
Left: Science Services GmbH, CEO Stefan Schöffberger
Right: Meiwafosis Co., Ltd., Sales Manager Takuya Hamano


Meiwafosis on a visit at the Science Services GmbH office in Munich, Germany

Tennant20 - New Osmium Coating System

The Tennant20 Os-coater is an advanced table-top PE-CVD system that creates high-quality pure conductive Os coatings for SEM sample preparation as well as EDX, EBSD, AES, XPS analysis. The rotary pumped system creates ultra-thin metallic Os coatings with very small grain-size and high conductivity


More information: Tennant20

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