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ProPlate™ MicroArray System, Objektträger-Modul mit 8 Vertiefungen, Delrin-Clips


ProPlate™ Multi-Array Objektträgersystem – Kombination aus Mikrotiterplatte und Biochip-Technologie. Besteht aus: 4 Objektträger-Modulen, 8 Clips, 1 Basis und Deckel, 10 Dichtungsstreifen und einem Applikator.
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ProPlate™ Multi-Array Slide System

Integration of microplate and biochip technologies

ProPlate™ integrates microscope slide based array technology with automated microtiter plate processing. Up to 64 individual arrays can be assayed per slide. Four slides fit into a tray, producing a modular plate with a standard microtiter plate footprint and well spacing allowing automated robotic processing of up to 256 arrays.

  • Up to 64 leak-proof wells on any slide surface without the use of adhesive
  • Microtiter plate well spacing facilitates use with multichannel pipettes
  • 7 x 7 mm square well are ideal for high content arrays
  • 5 – 350 µl well volumes accommodate small reagent and large wash volumes
  • Available in Chip Chip™ compatible formats. 

SBS Compliant Tray Sets

Each ProPlate Tray Set includes: 4 Slide modules, 8 Snap clips, 1 Tray and Cover, 10 seal strips and one applicator.
Tray conforms to SBS standards for footprint (81.7mm width x 123.7mm length) and well spacing.

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen
Kammernmaterial Silikon
Kammerngröße 7x16mm
Abmessung 81,7x123,7mm
Verpackungseinheit 1 Stück