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  • Tech Notes: Use of Accelerators for Epoxy Resins

Use of Accelerators for Epoxy Resins

Acccelerators for Epoxy Resins
Embedding media for Electron Microscopy based on the epoxy resins Araldite and Epon (replacements) all require the addition of an amine accelerator to hasten polymerization (Glauert, 1974).

  • DMP-30
  • BDMA

Both of the above accelerators are equally efficient during polymerization, but BDMA has the great advantage of being much less viscous than DMP-30. This is important since accurate measurement of small amounts of the accelerator and its complete mixing with the other components of the embedding media are essential for the production of satisfactory blocks.


Refer to:
See Audrey Glauert (Proc. Roy. Micros., Vol 22/5 Sept. 1987) NOTE: In order to achieve optimum results when using BDMA in place of DMP-30 you must remember that the amount of DMP-30 added is 1.5% - 2% of the final mixture and BDMA is 2% - 3%.