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Universalprobenhalter, AMRAY

Halter für alle Proben von 3mm bis 29mm und für alle Proben, bei denen eine der drei Dimensionen nicht größer als 29mm ist.
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Universalprobenhalter, AMRAY


589,70 € 701,74 €
Universalprobenhalter mit Stift A, AMRAY


589,70 € 701,74 €
Universalprobenhalter mit Stift B, AMRAY


589,70 € 701,74 €
Universalprobenhalter mit Stift C, AMRAY


589,70 € 701,74 €



This holder will hold almost any sample from 3mm to 29mm in diameter plus various odd shaped samples, which one of their dimensions is not greater than 29mm. The samples are easily inserted or removed from the holder. The holder is made from aluminum and is supplied with four removable sample arms so that it can hold very small samples as well, and it provides good electrical contact to the stage.

The AMRAY base is the standard base and it measures: 48mm x 42mm x 12mm Thick.

For all other makes and models you can choose an Adapter Pin to screw on to the AMRAY base holder.

  • Pin A: Overall measurement: 28mm long x 3.1mm diameter.
  • Pin B: Overall measurement: 28mm long x 6mm diameter.
  • Pin C: Overall measurement: 34.5mm long x 16mm diameter.

All adapters have a threaded portion 5mm in length.

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen
Kopfabmessungen 48x42mm
Kopfhöhe 12,0mm