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ADAM™ MC2 - Automatisches Fluoreszenz-Zellzählgerät


Der ADAM MC2 ist ein automatisierter, einfach und kosteneffizient zu verwendender Fluoreszenz-Zellzähler. Er wird mit Einweg-Mikrofluidik-Chips betrieben und zählt PI- oder AO/PI-markierte Zellkerne. LED-Beleuchtung und CMOS-Detektortechnologie ermöglichen präzise Analysen und zuverlässige Ergebnisse.



A fast & accurate nucleus cell counter

ADAM-MC2 is a new standard of automated fluorescence cell counter. ADAM stands for Advanced Detection and Accurate Measurement.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Less than 25s to get results
  • Cells countable with ADAM-MC2: stem cells/ CAR-T cells/ CAR-NK cells/ Adipose-derived stem cells
  • Automated image analysis
  • Accurate result with PI staining method
  • Sensitive CMOS detection, and precise automatic stage
  • Cell therapy quality control


Principle of Viability Measurement (AO, PI-Staining Method)
There are two methods of viability measurement. After the samples are stained with fluorescent dye, propidium iodide (PI) or acridine orange (AO), which intercalates DNA to stain the nucleus of target cells, ADAM-MC2 takes fluorescent images automatically. The obtained images are processed by the integrated image analysis software.



Counting Aggregated and Irregular-Shaped Cells
ADAM-MC2 provides accurate and reliable results because it counts aggregated and irregular-shaped cells. In the image above, the images on the right side indicate cells that have been counted by ADAM-MC2.

  • Accurate count based on cell size and shape
  • Count aggregated cells individually
  • Debris is excluded from results




Cell Therapeutic Applications
ADAM-MC2 can be used as a device to monitor and QC the cell numbers and viability in the process of manufacturing cells (CAR-T cells, stem cells, etc.) for cell therapy.

In addition, it is possible to use ADAM-MC2 depending on the cell types (Whole blood cell, PBMCs, etc.) that need to be monitored during the manufacturing of cell therapy products.


  • Stem cell
  • CART-T cell
  • CAR-NK cell
  • Adipose-derived stem cell
  • Whole blood cell
  • Aggregated cell
  • PBMCs



Accuracy & Reproducibility
The graph on the left shows correlation of total cell counting between hemocytometer and ADAM-MC2 using SH-SY5Y cells. The graph on the right shows that samples with low, medium and high concentration of cells were counted with ADAM-MC2. The repeatability at each level of cell concentration is high.



Comparison of Cell Viability
Comparison of cell viability between ADAM-MC2, flow cytometry, and manual counting SH-SY5Y, Jurkat, HeLa cells were treated with 100, 300 μM H2O2 for 3 hours, then analyzed by ADAM-MC2, flow cytometry, and manual counting



This product is not approved for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Reference paper of using ADAM-MC2

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