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Cluster-Platte, Costar®, 6 Vertiefungen, 100 Stück


Durchmesser Vertiefung: 35mm, Wachstumszone: 9,5ml, Totalvolumen 17ml, Arbeitsvolumen: 5ml. Verpackungseinheit: 5/Pack
850,70 € 1.012,33 €



Costar® Brand Cell Culture Clusters
Tissue culture plates are designed and treated for a wide range of applications.

Plates are made from optically clear, medical grade polystyrene with flat bottoms of uniform thickness, allowing for distortion-free observation and microscopic examination. Alphanumeric coordinates are placed on the same focal plane as cell growth—for easy referencing of well position.

These plates are also for use with our NetWells and our MeshWell Plates (see Tissue Processing Well; Net- Wells, and MeshWell Plates in our product catalog page 180).

Clusters are commonly used in the following applications:

•Maintenance of stock cultures
•Cell cloning
•Hybridoma fusions
•Scale up culture
•Clone expansion
•51Cr Release assay
•MTT assays
•In vitro toxicology
•Drug binding studies
•Virus isolation
•Viral plaque assay
•Carcinogenicity testing
•Mutagenicity testing

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Weitere Informationen
Verpackungseinheit 100 Stück
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