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ADAM™ MC Plus - Automatisches Fluoreszenz-Zellzählgerät


Der ADAM™ MC Plus ist der neue Standard für die hochpräzise automatisierte Fluoreszenz-Zellzählung von primären Säugetierzellen und Zelllinien. Er ist mit einem Hellfeld- und zwei Fluoreszenzkanälen (AO/DAPI) für sensitive Fluoreszenzdetektion ausgestattet. LED-Optik und CMOS-Detektionstechnologie machen die Analyse noch genauer und zuverlässiger. Er misst die Gesamtzellzahl, die Anzahl von vitalen und nicht-vitalen Zellen und ermittelt die Zellvitalität. Darüber hinaus wird die Zellgröße und das Aggregationsverhältnis bestimmt.



Key Features

  • Measures Bright field and 2 Fluorescence Channels (AO/DAPI)
  • Only 15μl of sample volume required
  • Single Counting solution mixture of AO/DAPI
  • 4 tests per slide
  • Counting time: 40 seconds per slide (fast mode)
  • Total cell counting & viability 
  • Accurate cell size analysis 
  • Aggregation ratio 
  • Low CV (coefficient of variation) value 



ADAM™ MC Plus Most Accurate Fluorescence Cell Counter


Basic principle of counting 
Total cell number and cell viability (AO/DAPI staining)

ADAM™ MC Plus is a highly accurate automated cell counter equipped with bright field and two fluorescence channels (AO/DAPI).

Acridine Orange (AO) and DAPI (4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole) are fluorescent dyes, which bind to DNA to stain the nucleus of target cells.

AO is a permeable dye that stains the nucleus of every cell regardless of the cell’s condition. Therefore, it is used to count the total number of cells.

DAPI is a permeable dye that stains the nucleus of cells with damaged membranes or cells with inactive metabolism. Therefore, cells with nucleus stained with DAPI are counted as non-viable cell.

After taking fluorescent images of dyed samples, obtained images are processed by image analysis software integrated in the system. Finally, the total cell concentration and cell viability (percentage of live cells in the sample) are automatically calculated and displayed on the ADAM™ MC Plus after each measurement of the total cells and the non-viable cells.



The single reagent - a mixture of AO and DAPI – make the measuring process simple and convenient.
By utilizing bright field and two fluorescence channels for cell counting, not only can it measure the number of total cells, viable cells, non-viable cells and viability accurately, but also the cell size and aggregation ratio as well.


Linearity & Reproducibility

ADAM™ MC Plus is equipped with an improved optic module (bright field + 2 fluorescence channels) and a precise stage to capture multiple frames along the slide chamber containing fluorescence dye-stained cells. Through the image analysis of multiple frames captured, ADAM™ MC Plus shows good linearity and reproducible results of cell concentration and viability with low CV% (coefficient of variation percentage).
A high-concentration of Jurkat cells was diluted and a dilution series was counted by ADAM™ MC Plus. It shows very good dilution linearity and reproducibility.



Cell Therapeutic Applications

ADAM™ MC Plus can be used as a device for monitoring and QC of the cell numbers and viability in the process of manufacturing cells (CAR-T cells, stem cells, etc.) for Cell Therapy. 

In addition, it is possible to use ADAM™ MC Plus depending on the cell types (Whole blood cell, PBMCs, etc.) that needs to be monitored during the manufacturing of cell therapy products



Intuitive GUI

ADAM™-MC Plus provides intuitive GUI for users to easily operate the system and to check their data.


Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen
Elektrische Leistung 240V
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