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EVE™-HT - Automatisches Zellzählgerät für hohen Durchsatz


Der EVE-HT ist ein automatisierter Zellzähler mit hohem Durchsatz, der sich ideal für die Zellproduktion oder -entwicklung im großen Maßstab eignet. Hohe Effizienz, geringes Probenvolumen und eine Zählgeschwindigkeit von 48 Proben in nur 3 Minuten ermöglichen zeitsparende, zuverlässige Arbeitsabläufe. Cell Declustering, Zählung und Viabilitätsmessung mit bis zu 48 Kanälen gleichzeitig ermöglichen Großprojekte mit hoher Präzision.



A High-Throughput Automated Cell Counter

The EVE-HT is a high-throughput automated multiple cell counter, providing 48-sample counting in just 3 minutes for cell lines analyses. With small sample volume and extended capacity, the EVE-HT provides accurate cell counting and viability measurements.


  • Up to 48 samples at a time
  • 3 minutes of counting
  • Only 10μl of sample volume required
  • User-independent consistency

48 samples

The EVE™-HT holds up to 48 samples at once.
Each plate contains 48 wells that can be counted all at once in just 3 minutes.

Figure 1. EVETM-HT Plate


10 μL of sample volume

As the EVE™-HT requires only 10 μL of sample in each well, there is no need to obtain a large volume of sample for cell counting.

Figure 2. Example of 10 μL sample loading onto the EVETM-HT Plate


Accurate data

The EVE™-HT provides total, live and viability values of analyzed cell lines

Figure 3. Result display


User-independent consistency

Not only does it provide accurate measurements, the EVE™-HT strives for stable cell counting by limiting possible user variation.


Cell declustering technique

Any user can easily count clumped and irregular-shaped cells with declustering technique as the EVE™-HT offers precise measurement and distinguishes each cell from clumps. Thus, high accuracy in counting clumped cells individually is one of the advantages of the EVE™-HT cell counter.

Figure 4. Image of clumped cells counting


Trypan blue staining method

Trypan blue is an azo dye that only stains dead cells. Using a highly efficient disposable plate with trypan blue staining method, the EVE™-HT may not only provide economic and time-saving outcome but also prevent possible cross contamination.


Fulfilling 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance checklist

Electronic documents complying with the FDA requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 are easily manageable using the EVE™-HT. The EVE™HT regulates electronic records and signature by only allowing specific user(s) to modify data. Every action is recorded in an audit trail, while date, time and specific details are displayed.



Item Description
Channels (optica) Bright field
Staining method Trypan blue
Counting Speed 3 minutes (48 samples)
Loading sample vol. 10µl/channel
Measurement range 1 x 10E4 -2 x 10E7 cells/ml
Optimal measurement range 1 x 10E5 -2 x 10E7 cells/ml
Cell size range 1 ∼ 85µm
Optimal cell size range 5 ∼ 80µm
21 CFR Part 11 Available
Operation System Windows 10 and 11
Dimensions 586x477x458mm (WxLxH)
Weight 40kg

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